Have you ever wondered where you can find high quality vectorized images? If you try to search in Google using “vector image” combination, first results will pop up well-known Rolyalty Free Stock photos such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Adobe Stock, etc. They provide abundant database of vector images created by world wide artists. Even though their works are impressive, breathtaking, not always customers want to buy ready-made pictures. Often people have old photos, sketches of their ideas, company logos in raster file format and they simply wish to turn them into vector to [...]


In visual and virtual world of art, often big size vector images are exported to JPEG file formats by choosing the lowest file size. This is done for different reasons, not to load the website, to have more space on flash drive, and so on. However, the smaller size we designate to JPG photos, the less quality we receive back. This causes loss in quality of pixel images.Recently news of a new JPG algorithm that reduces the size of the image by 35 percent hit the world wide web. This one as well as many other innovative solutions have been developed by ai Zurich based company of Google and [...]

Platform for Vectorizing Pixelated Images

Professional raster to vector conversion service Have you every wondered which vector platform to choose while in desperate need for improving the quality of your jpeg and other raster images? If yes, then you are in the right place. We are a professional image to vector conversion service which provides low cost solutions for restoring the pixelated pictures such as logos, maps, photos, various pictures, etc. Our team consists of real professionals who have worked in the industry for over 14 years. This means that we have expertise not only in graphic design, but also in printing [...]


What is vector art? It is a piece of artwork that is created in vector graphics applications.  How does vector image work?  To understand the concept we need to compare it with other type of artworks: bitmaps (rasters). These images are usually displayed on a computer screen - digital drawings, paintings, photos that appear on Internet, video games, movies. Bitmaps consist of a grid of full pixels that resemble tiny squares. These squares are the smallest points that comprise a visual. In graphic design a square defines the smallest unit of measurement. High resolution images [...]