Below you will find rasters which have been converted to vectors by our designers. Please note that some of the vectorized outcomes have different colors, curves and do not completely correspond to the original image source. Those modifications have been requested by the customers. This means that we don’t only apply image tracing to pixelated pictures, but also manipulate the colors, shapes, gradients, object sizes and so on. Also, tracing and file types determine the vectorization techniques, e.g. when preparing images for limited color print, we cannot apply gradients or when images are to be printed on a vinyl plotter / cutter, we need to vectorize them using as few beziers (anchor points) as possible.

If you would like to have your bitmap jpegs and pngs converted to salable vector graphics then start by requesting your quote.

  • Soldier Soldier
  • Aboriginal art Aboriginal art
  • Hand with camera Hand with camera
  • Pony Pony
  • Cat pin Cat pin
  • Script Script
  • Home talent Home talent
  • Pirate Pirate
  • Canadian style Canadian style
  • Soldier outline Soldier outline