iVectorize.com is a vector graphics design company that can help small and large scale businesses to create professional looking images with detailed precision and quality. We guarantee reduced operational costs to make your business sustainable and grow. This means using our services will significantly reduce costs on vectorizing and increase saving of financial resources. Our highly skilled team provides specialized know-how on redrawing old and faded (bitmap) pictures to vectors that will benefit your business. We provide expertise in converting raster photos, illustrations, maps, [...]


iVectorize.com image tracing services are specialized in helping you succeed in creating professional looking vector graphic design and give new fresh look to visual content. We aim to be the service that will make it easy and painless for you to manage vector art and spend more time on other priorities. Whether you have logo, sketches, old jpgs, pngs, illustrations, paintings, drawings, maps and other designs to be vectorized we are here for you to give you a 24/7 express assistance. It is stress-free to work with our service. All you need to do is to fill out the Request Quote form, [...]

Differences between Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

Adobe products have been mainstream for a long time. Often it seems that they developed right from the beginning when digital era was born. They have been compatible both for Mac and Windows machines and have given ultimate design experience to millions of designers and customers. E.g. our team uses Illustrator and CorelDraw to create different vector images. As an alternative to Adobe Illustrator (AI), Affinity Designer (AD) app was created, which was first only available on Macs. Recently, AD hit the PC market and as a follower of the Affinity Designer and Photo Group I decided to ask [...]


We recently updated our website. The update is part of our constant business development approach which is aimed at making the vector service more convenient and user-friendly for our customers and partners. We truly loved our old homepage, as we laid our foundation from there and moved slowly forward making significant touchups and modifications. However, with the development of the technology, design trends and customer’s feedback the original website seemed a bit outdated both in its structure and design. That’s why we decided to drift away from the initial webpages and give new [...]