Efficient Social Media Vector Toolkit

In a super dynamic society where fast development is prerogative, we constantly seek new ways to minimize workload and boost our efficiency speed. For those who are in the digital and social marketing fields using vector graphics becomes a huge privilege. Why? Because often vector apps are more convenient for creating visual contents for social media platforms, posters, and other graphic design purposes. In this blog, we will provide you with а super helpful social media vector toolkit in different file formats for Facebook and Twitter. This kit will ease your work, save your time [...]

Professional Image to Vector Conversion Service

What is iVectorize.com? iVetorize is an online image to vector conversion service that provides a pool of professional vector graphic designers for converting your pictures into high quality vector artworks.   How Does It Work? In order to be able to improve the quality of your raster image, you should first submit your photo through our Request a Quote form. Upon receiving your submission, our team will contact you promptly with the price estimate and also time necessary to complete your job. Once paid, one of our vector artists will take on your job and start manually tracing the [...]


Bet you have heard about vector design and how it’s important for creating logos or different illustrations. Many entreoreneurs and business people who don’t have much in common with graphic design asked themselves: “What is vector art?”. It is artwork that is made in a vector graphics application. To fully understand how it works we need to take a look at another type of artwork called bitmap. Bitmap images (aka raster photos) can be digital paintings or photos or just about anything that we could see on the Internet.  These pictures consist of numerous tiny& [...]


Vector graphics bring new dimensions to the world of visual art. New textures, filters, color combinations spiced up with transparency effects and creative tools allow artists to create complex and impressive illustrations of our reality, past or future. We definitely live in exceptional times, not because almost anyone can become an artist or use new drawing technological possibilities to create innovative representations of our environment, cities, objects, and abstract notions, but because everyone who has artistic skill can promote his/her works across the universe right from home. [...]