Our Vector Service Prices

The pricing for vectorizing jpg, png and other pixel images is determined based on the complexity of the submitted pictures. Below are the main 3 categories of complexity with respective price range. The more detailed bitmaps are, the more time and effort they require to perform vectorization, therefore the price total cost is higher. If you plan to convert images to vectors using our service, we also provide discounts based on to the amount of orders and occasional or seasonal special offers. We love supporting our clients and we want to make your experience with us more profitable for you and your business.

SimpleFrom $7

  • simple
  • Simple logo, small artwork,
    little amount of text, symbols, etc.
  • Duration 12 - 24 hours
  • Request a quote

ComplexFrom $20

  • complex
  • Photo, complex sketches, big artwork,
    large map, etc.
  • Duration starting 48 hours
  • Request a quote