We recently updated our website. The update is part of our constant business development approach which is aimed at making the vector service more convenient and user-friendly for our customers and partners. We truly loved our old homepage, as we laid our foundation from there and moved slowly forward making significant touchups and modifications. However, with the development of the technology, design trends and customer’s feedback the original website seemed a bit outdated both in its structure and design. That’s why we decided to drift away from the initial webpages and give new life and quality to them. We set a goal to to make a fundamental modification still preserving the soul and touch of our service. We almost completely sacrificed our old color scheme as we understood that that doing mere touchups were not enough to cater all the visual needs that a vectorization service needs to offer its customers and viewers. Here are some of the major changes that deserve your attention. 


This is our Call to Action harbor. No more scrolling down and looking for the Quote Request form. It comes right into your visibility with concise and mindfully crafted sections. We have done our best to minimize our requested information so that our clients do not spend much time while submitting an image(s). By scrolling further below you will be able to read how our service operates and see the ribbon of some of our latest works. website homepage screenshot


One of the coolest features we are proud of is the new portfolio. It is a combination of our recently vectorized works with different levels of complexity. Users can break the section into respective categories, slide the bar to the left or right and see the image before and after conversion. Unfortunately, we cannot always display all the works that our graphic designers trace as our some of our customers don’t give their consent. Check our portfolio every now and than and you will be seeing new works. 

Work sample from portfolio


Over time we have written many blog posts on vector files, image tracing techniques or peculiarities, and also about our service. This time we have made it easier for you to find that information simply typing your keywords in the search bar on the top of the front page. For example you can read 5 REASONS WHY TO CHOOSE IVECTORIZE.COM.

Along with these major updates that you will come across while surfing our web content, you will also find that we have updated the Frequently Asked Questions, About Us, Prices and Sign-In sections. We hope you will enjoy surfing our newly launched vector platform. Feel free to leave your comments at [email protected]. We will keep development of our image tracing service striving to bring the best experiences to our customers in converting pixel pictues to vectors.


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