Have you ever wondered where you can find high quality vectorized images? If you try to search in Google using “vector image” combination, first results will pop up well-known Rolyalty Free Stock photos such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Adobe Stock, etc. They provide abundant database of vector images created by world wide artists. Even though their works are impressive, breathtaking, not always customers want to buy ready-made pictures. Often people have old photos, sketches of their ideas, company logos in raster file format and they simply wish to turn them into vector to be able to use them for different printings or high definition purposes.

Since not every person has skills to transform pixel images to vector, they often use easy and fast available services of auto-tracing aka autovectorziaiton. Auto tracing is a process when with a click of a bottom software applications perform quick image conversion. In other words, the program does the hard job for you and seconds later recreates the picture in vector format. However, you will be very mistaken to rely on the quality of those type of vector files. The truth is machine cannot execute accurate tracing maintaining color and shape accuracy. In 98 percent cases images come out in pretty messy and untidy state. Colors, gradients aren’t preserved accurately, lines and curves are uneven, the image often breaks into hundreds or thousands of clumsy chunks which look very ugly when scaled a bit.

Auto traced pixel based image

As an alternative solution to this method of vectorizing, there is one brilliant and old school approach. It is the handmade conversion which will skillfully turn all your JPG, PNG and PDF files to highly professional looking vector images. Moreover, you can ask designers to apply easily color modification to your images, delete the background and make the image transparent, change the position of objects pretty fast. There is only two drawbacks, first manual tracing takes longer time and in some cases it can be costly depending on the colexity of your visual content.

Manual Vector Service

For finding a reliable and trustworthy vectorization service we recommend starting to work with, which has been around for 3 years now. Our team consists of highly experienced and skillful vector artists who perform image to vector conversion within 24hours. Complex pictures may take up-to 72 hours. The pros are that customers are often guided through the process to make sure they gain the best possible outcome. We have very user-friendly customer service which literally goes out of its way to provide the most suitable solutions to the clients and their needs. Vectorizing jpgs and pngs are not only accurately traced but also very cost-efficient. One of the values of the company is fair pricing attitude to all despite orderers' knowledge of vectorization or vector graphics. This means each customer is treated equality and is solely charged for the actual amount of work.

Raster image and vectorized outcome

We constantly redesign our website and its sections and intent to grow the scopes of our business, however vectorizing images will remain the focus of our activities. Along with high quality service and conversion, we strive to deliver to our clients new user friendly solutions to help them request a quote for raster images as fast and easy as possible. One of the coolest things about our vector service is that we preserve all the submitted photos in our server storage and they can be accessed anytime if users decide to register a free personal account.

For further inquiries send us an email or use our Contact Us Form. Once we receive your inquiry we'll get back to you promptly. Feel free to ask anything you need to know about vector art and let us know how we can help you convert your bitmaps to vector.

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