Read Season's Greetings from Team

Dear Friends, Another year is ending which is leaving in the past the different achievements of our lives and affairs. Taking this wonderful opportunity, we would like to thank everyone for working with us, trusting in our service and letting us serve your vector needs. In this 2015 year we managed to make new partners and serve to over 100 individuals. With your help we can bring the world of visuals to a new level giving it a more meaningful and quality wise solutions. We believe in accuracy of our work, high quality and speed. From the heart of all our team we wish you a Happy New Year [...]

Professional Vectorization Service

In graphics design the conversion of an image from raster to vector is called vectorization. Raster images consist of a set of pixels which limit the image in quality. If the image is scaled-up the quality loss happens and artifacts of the image appear. This process is called pixelation. Pixelation is caused by single-colored squares elements that comprise a bitmap image. A vectorized image does not have the problem of pixelation as it is composed of mathematical lines or curves, and they can be magnified limitlessly without loss of the quality. The role of vectorization is to turn a two [...]


Do you have a project where you need to turn your images into high quality vectors and you are stressing out because your sketches are hand drawn and you do not possess necessary skills to vectorize them professionally? Do you have lack of timing and need someone help you convert your pixel pictures into vectors? Are you looking for an affordable and professional service that will help you with vector art? These and many more solutions are offered at where you can turn your images into high quality vectors within 24 hours. Every business has goals and issues, and very often [...]

Where Do We Use Vectors?

Many ground breaking innovations belong to the military, the same applies to vector graphics which saw its first use in the air defense system of America in mid 20th century. Gradually it secured deeper roots in 2D computer graphics platforms. Graphics industry development considerably increased use of vectors as they not only provide high resolution and fully scalable feature, but also create images with unique styles and texture. So where do we use vectors? They are usually used for printing industry to obtain high quality results. This makes printing one of the main consumers of vector art [...]