Do you have a project where you need to turn your images into high quality vectors and you are stressing out because your sketches are hand drawn and you do not possess necessary skills to vectorize them professionally? Do you have lack of timing and need someone help you convert your pixel pictures into vectors? Are you looking for an affordable and professional service that will help you with vector art? These and many more solutions are offered at iVectorize.com where you can turn your images into high quality vectors within 24 hours. Every business has goals and issues, and very often [...]

Where Do We Use Vectors?

Many ground breaking innovations belong to the military, the same applies to vector graphics which saw its first use in the air defense system of America in mid 20th century. Gradually it secured deeper roots in 2D computer graphics platforms. Graphics industry development considerably increased use of vectors as they not only provide high resolution and fully scalable feature, but also create images with unique styles and texture. So where do we use vectors? They are usually used for printing industry to obtain high quality results. This makes printing one of the main consumers of vector art [...]

Why to choose manual vector service

Considerable amount of explanations exist about differences between raster and vector images, the methods used to covert images into vectors. Yet, it has never been talked about why automated vector tracing software programs keep failing to overcome powerful human hand traced vectors. Before jumping straight to the core of the issue, I would like to remind readers that raster images (we also call them; bitmaps, jpegs or pngs) are images generated from colorful pixels which are mere squares dots. Zoom in your favorite picture that you took recently, and you will notice that after 100% zoom the [...]