Imagine you are a marketing team’s leader with significant years of experience behind your shoulders leading a newly established advertising company. You are to head to a very prestigious advertising fair where you'll be able to meet long term partners ready to invest in your business and improve your position in the industry. You have already booked all the necessary tickets, taken care of all the accommodation, and suddenly there is a last minute emergency. Your company designer tells you that you have a problem, the logo file has disappeared from the computer for unknown reasons and he can only retrieve some low quality jpg images which will not look good on large format posters or big digital screens. Knowing that image of the company totally depends on the upcoming marketing visibility, it is normal to panic. Besides, for every business it is a crucial to create solid and impressive image in the eyes of the public. And one questions comes to mind, "How to improve the quality of raster Images?"

What can you do  when you don’t have a graphic designer with appropriate skills who would take your pixel picture and convert the logo into a vector art, shortly speaking bring back to life the lost file. You clearly realize that if you fail to print your marketing materials with quality, your success will be ineffective and even harmful to the reputation of your company. If you happen to find yourself in such unexpected situations where you need to restore the quality of your pixelated and blurry images, there is no need for panicking. Even though it is understandable you may have many reasons for that; e.g. "Where can I get a good vector service or artist?", "How will they vectorize our logo?", "How much time will it take?", "What output file to choose?", etc.? These questions are legitimate and would arise in every person. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as for such cases there are special vectorization services online and one of them is, which has a pool of highly experienced vector designers with impressive track record in the industry of raster image to vector conversion. All you should do is to send your bitmap logo for tracing using the Request Quote form on the home page. It's important to mention necessary instructions, your expectations of timing and tracing type.

Using professional vector service gives you a number of advantages:

  • It provides you top quality manually vectorizing service and doesn't charge extra cash for works that require immediate intervention.
  • On the contrary, it offers prices based on the complexity of the submitted content
  • It doesn’t use automated filters to improve the quality of your raster pictures and photos, unless you request so, and if you do so, the auto tracing is performed free of charge
  • Before sending in the order, the work passes at least to levels of screening one by the experienced vector designer, second by the management team.
  • In case of necessary extra modifications, changes are applied with no additional charge
  • Often logos are vectorized within a few hours, even though the team notify of the 24 hour tracing time
  • This image to vector service is ready to support businesses and individuals with low budgets who are looking for affordable and professional bitmap image to vector conversion
  • Constant customers receive various discounts depending on the number of submitted bitmap images for conversion.
  • And most importantly has a very friendly team.

In case of questions please feel free to reach out to the team through this email: [email protected] or if you already have some low quality images for vector processing you can Request a Quote.

Image of a toad, vectorized by vector service

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