Where Do We Use Vectors?

Where Do We Use Vectors?

Many ground breaking innovations belong to the military, the same applies to vector graphics which saw its first use in the air defense system of America in mid 20th century. Gradually it secured deeper roots in 2D computer graphics platforms. Graphics industry development considerably increased use of vectors as they not only provide high resolution and fully scalable feature, but also create images with unique styles and texture.

So where do we use vectors? They are usually used for printing industry to obtain high quality results. This makes printing one of the main consumers of vector art. Screen printing, embroidery, signage, and digital printing are a few to name.

Apart from the above mentioned sector vectors are also widely used in graphic design for creating logos and other amazing art works. Uniqueness of vectors is the flexibility of working with the files and easily changeable design content: color correction, deleting or moving graphic objects from one place to another and so on. Vector graphics is also found in flash animations.

Despite the place or purpose of usage, it is usually more convenient and preferable to have a vector file at hand. Since it is always easy to create a raster images from vector by simply exporting the readymade content, however same cannot be said about raster to vector. Here it requires special skills and time as it is necessary to redraw the design content and receive desirable effect of the original image.

There are in the market automatic software programs that will turn your image into a vector within a second, but they fail to produce exact results. To learn more about this read “Vectorization: Power of Eye vs Technological Achievements” article.

Thus, if you are dubious in what format to create your image, we at iVectorize.com strongly recommend to go for the former one as with it you will discover new possibilities.

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